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Books Collection:
Punjab University Library holds the biggest collection of books in Pakistan having more than nine local and foreign language scripts like, English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Pashto, Sanskrit, Hindi, Gur-mukhi etc. Library has separated all of its book collection in two different collections, English Collection and Oriental Languages' collections. Both of these collections are further divided in different collections as under

  • General English Collection
    This collection has all borrow able material of English language. All this collection is located at the Ground Floor of the Library. The collection in this section is more than two hundred thousand books approx.

  • Reference Collection
    Reference collection as self descriptive is only for reference use, this may not be borrowed. This collection is in an Air conditioned hall located at the Ground Floor of the Library. It has a book collection of more than 18,000 volumes approx. The reference collection has many valuable sources like, encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana, Chemical Abstracts, Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, Encyclopedia of Seerat, Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, Statesman Year book etc.

  • Personal Collections
    Punjab University Library is a big repository for the valuable donations/personal collections. The use of these collections is restricted only to the library premises. All of the Collections present in Oriental Languages are present in Oriental Section of the Library, while English material is placed in the basement of the Library. The detail of these collections is as under.

                It was donated to the Library by H.M. Perceival, the retired Professor of English language and literature, Presidency College, Calcutta. It consists of 6500 volumes of books on History, Classic Literature and related disciplines. A catalogue of this collection was published in 1911. The collection has been kept in the basement.

                The Library received this collection in 1944 from Ch. Shahab-ud-Din, Speaker, Punjab Legislative Assembly before the partition of India. It has about 4000 rare books on Islam, history, biography, literature, sociology and linguistics, etc.

                Mr. Abdul Hameed, Editor, Eastern Times, the son of Late Maulvi Mahbub Alam (1862-1937) donated this collection consisting of 348 manuscripts and 6612 books to the Library in 1948. The books in Oriental languages have been kept in Oriental section whereas the books in English have been kept in the basement.

    • DR. A.C. WOOLNER
                This collection consists of 8671 manuscripts in Sanskrit and Hindi and is named in honour of Dr. A.C. Woolner who remained Honorary Librarian of this Library from 1902 to 1928.

                Agha Mohammed Ibrahim donated personal library of his father Late Maulvi Mohammed Hussain Azad (1830-1910) to the University library in 1913. It has 1556 books and 389 manuscripts in Arabic, Persian and Urdu. Most of these are quite rare.

                This collection was purchased in 1929 on the recommendations of Late Molvi Muhammad Shafi (1883-1963) from Prizada Mohammad Hussain Arif (1856-1928), a Session Judge of Pre-partition India. It consists of 165 manuscripts and 809 books in Arabic, Persian and Urdu.

                Renowned scholar of Urdu linguistics B.M. Dattatrya Kaifi (1866-1955) donated his collection to the library during his life time in 1933. It has 130 manuscripts and 877 books. The manuscripts and books are in Persian and Urdu.

                This collection was purchased for Rs. 16,192/- in 1942 from Hafiz Mahmud Shairani (1880-1946). It consists of 1710 books, 434 documents and 2284 volumes of manuscripts on Quranic sciences, history, biographies, topography, literature, mysticism, poetry, music and theological literature, etc. [Click to Download List of Shairani Collection]

                Hakim Abdul Majed Atiqui (1901-1971) donated 2500 books in 1949. The books are in Urdu and cover the subjects of Islamic Studies, Medical Sciences, Literature, History, Biography, Linguistics, etc. Hakim Sahib also sent more books which were added in Atiqui collection.

                It was purchased from Zaheer-ud-Din Ahmad son of Prof. Siraj-ud-Din Azar (1892-1947) for Rs. 20,000/- in 1952. It has about 1500 manuscripts. Mostly in Persian and some are in Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi and Pashto. It was purchased on the recommendations of Dr. Syed Mohammed Abdullah (1906-1988), who remained honorary librarian of the University Library from 1947-1954. The subjects covered by it are ethics, mysticism, astronomy, logic, philosophy, theology, medicine, fiction, Islamic studies, essays etc.

                Personal library of Late Dr. Prof. Mohammed Iqbal (1894-1948) was gifted to the Punjab Univesity Library in 1957. It consists of 1113 books. It has books in Arabic, Persian, English, French and other Western languages which are very precious and valuable from research point of view.

                Late Abdul Aziz Maimon (d. 1978) was a great scholar and researcher of Arabic language and literature. He offered Rs. 1,00,000/- to the University in 1975 to be fixed deposited in the Bank, provided that the important Arabic manuscripts or their microfilms and such reference books which may be useful for the research in Arabic literature, will be purchased from the amount of the profit of this fixed deposit. 1157 books have so far been purchased for this collection. Most of which are reference books. The purchase of the original manuscripts or their microfilms is under consideration and efforts are being made to acquire them.

                It is a collection of late Allama Asghar Ali Ruhi (1871-1954) and his son Dr. Sufi Mohammed Zia-ul-Haq (1911-1989). Both were great scholars of Arabic and Islamic Studies. Asghar Ali Ruhi served as a teacher of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore. It was donated by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Rana in 1989. It consists of 3000 volumes, including 17 manuscripts and some rare journals. Most of the reading material is in Arabic and some in English and Urdu. The subjects covered are the Holy Quran, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and Asma-ur-Rijal, etc.

                Basic donation was donated by Hakim Sahib in 1989. Up to April 1997, total number of books received are 9,292 including 14 manuscripts and some photocopies of unpublished material and some rare journals. Reading material is still being sent by the Hakim Sahib. For the most part it includes books in Arabic, Persian, Urud, Punjabi, English and some in Sindhi, Pashto and Turkish. The subjects covered are: the Holy Quran, Hadith. Seerat, Fiqh, Mysticisim, Biography, Pakistan Movement, Literatue and Medicine, etc.

                It consists of 1500 volumes donated by the family members of Mian Sahib (1917-1989) in June 1991. He was a famous writer and author.

                This collection was donated by the son of Prof. Abdul Qayyum on 27-9-1994. It comprises of 1328 books including periodicals. Subjects covered are the Holy Quran, Quranic Sciences, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerat, Islamic History and English literature. The books are in Arabic, English and Urdu.

                It was donated to the Punjab University library by his wife Mrs. Tanveer Jahan Khan in 1994, keeping in view, the will of the deceased. It consists of 461 books related to History, Pakistan movement and other related subjects in English and Urdu.

                It contains 5250 books. The books are in Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Punjabi languages and some in English. It covers the subjects of the Holy Quran, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, History and Mysticism. The first volume of the list of books of Mian Jamil Ahmad Sharaqpuri collection has been published which consists of 2909 books. This marvellous research work was undertaken by Syed Jamil Ahmad Rizvi, Former Chief Librarian, Punjab University Library and Mr. Muhammad Maroof Ahmad Sharaqpuri.
      1)Collection Volume (1-4)
      2)Collection Volume (5)

                It consists of 4485 books. Most of the reading material is in Punjabi language and some in English and Urdu.

                The collection consists of 972 books. Mr. Warsi donated his collection to the library during his life time in February 1999. Most of the books are in Urdu language.

  • Chinese Collection
    Besides other collections, library has a gifted collection from China, the books in this collection are about China both in English and Chinese languages. The collection is placed at the ground floor of the library in General Collection. But the books of this collection are not issued.

Manuscripts Collection:

The Manuscript Section in the Punjab University Library was established on July 31, 1920.  Total collection of this section is estimated to contain more than 24,000 titles.  The number of manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Turkish, Punjabi and other local languages is about 11,400 while collection of manuscripts in Sanskrit, Hindi, etc. is 8,671 volumes.  This is the largest collection of manuscripts in Pakistan.

The development and growth of the collection can be studied together with the overall development of the library.   The growth of the library has an inherent relationship with the progress of the University.  The University made remarkable progress from 1905 to 1932 during the tenure of Dr. A.C. Woolner (1878-1936 A.D.) who made lasting impact as an able academician administrator.  He, besides other duties, performed duties as honorary librarian from 1902 to 1928.  His efforts made possible a speedy growth and development of the library.   

A brief account of important Arabic, Urdu, Persian and Punjabi Manuscripts is given below:- 

            There are about 1,200 manuscripts of Arabic preserved in the Library.  Late Qazi Abdul Nabi Kaukab (d.1978 A.D.) compiled a handlist of Arabic manuscripts entitled: ?Handlist of Arabic Manuscripts in the Punjab University Library? which was published by the University in 1982.  This handlist gives information about 1123 manuscripts.  Important manuscripts listed in this compilation are mentioned under various subjects in the following section.  This list does not contain all the important and rare manuscripts, but only a few are entered below by recording title and author respectively. 

  • Quran

There are 63 manuscript copies of the Holy Quran written in various scripts e.g. Kufic script, bihari script and naskh.

  • Quran Indices

  1. Al-Jadawilun-Nuraniyyah fi ?Istikhrajil-Ayatil Quraniyyah, Nasir, b.Husayn an-Najafi, d. 1121A.H. (A Ara 8/324)

  2. Kashful-Ayat, Muhammad Rida b. Adbil-Husayn an-Nasiri  at-Tusi. (Aara10/325)

  • Tafsir

  1. Fathul-Jalil bi-bayani  Khafiyyi-Anwarit-Tanzil,  Qadi  Abu  Yahya Zakariyya b. Muhammad al-Ansari (al-Misri). D. 92 (Ara4E/1440)

  2. Al-Hashiyatu ala Anwarit-Tanzil, Muhammad Khazin b. Abdul-Karim. (6564)

  3. Zubdatut-Tafsir, Muin ud-Din b. Khwajah (Khwand) Mahmud. (S1746/4800).

  4. An-Nasikh  Wal-Mansukh, Qadi Imam Abu Abdillah Muhammad  b. Ali. (Arbl8/1819)

  • Hadith

  1. Kifayatul-Qari fi Sharhi Sahihil-Bukhari, Ibrahim B. Umar b.  Hasan ar-Rubat al-Biqai, d.885A.H. (Arb IIITB/1394)

  2. Al-Kaahif an Haqaiqis-Sunan, Sharaf ud-Din al-Husayn  b. Muhammad b. Abdillah at-Tibi d. 743A.H.(5592)

  3. Bawariqul-Anwar, Hamid b. Muhammad b. Ishaq. (Arb II/39/626)

  4. Sharhul-Arbain, Muhammad b. Salah b. Jalal b. Ibadi al-Lari, well-known as Muslih ud-Din al-lari, d. 979 A.H. (Arb II/57/2539)

  5. Muntakhabu Kawtharin-Nabi, Muhammad Ji.(Arb1/9/1823)

  • Fiqh

  1. Sharhul-Husami, Abu Yusuf Muhammad Yaqub al-Banbani. (Ard I2B/2344)

  2. Khazain  ush-Shuruh, Mulla Muhammad Mubin b. Mulla-Muhib  illah, d.1225 A.H.(Ard I 13/1395)

  3. Al-Anawin, Aqa  b. Abid b. Ramadan b. Zahid Shirwani Darbandi (ArdII81/991)

  4. Ghayatul-Hawashi, Abul-Maarif Muhammad inayatullah al-Hanafi al-Qadiri al-Lahuri, d.1141 A.H.(6410)

  5. Fatawa Ibrahim Shahi, Shihabud-Din Ahmad b. Muhammad Commonly called Nizam al-Jilani (or al Qadi Nizamud-din al-Jawnfuri), d.874(or 875) A.H.(Ard II/98/1857)

  6. Ar-Risalatul-Muhammadiyah, Yusuf b. Ahmad b. Ibrahim al-bahrani, known as ibn usfur, d.1186A.H.(Ard II/19333)

  •  Tasawwuf

  1. Al-Multaqat min ihyail-ulumid-Din, Muhammad Afdal b. ash-Shayish Abi Muhammad b. Shaykh Abi Yazid. (ArbII48/951)

  2. Hallur-Rumuz, Shaykh Alaud-Din Ali Dadah b. Mustafa known as Shaykhut-Turbah, d.1007Ah.H.(Arc176/2282)

  3. Bayanul-Asrar, Abul-Farah Muhammad Fadilud-Din Batalwi,  d.1151 A.H.(9008)

  • Philosophy

  1.  Shawakilul-Hur, Jalaud-Din Muhammad b. Asad ad-Dawwani, d. 907 A.H. (arh III/183/1910)

  2. Sharhu Hayaklin-Nur, Ghiyathud-Din Mansur b. Sadrid-Din Muhammad b. Ibrahim ad-Dashtaki ash-Shirazi al-Husayn, d. 948A.H.(Aarh II20/344)

  3. Sharhu Hidayatil-Hikmat, Shamsud-Din Muhammad b. Mubarak known as al-Bukhari. (S.1518/4568)

  4. A-Hashiyah ala Sharhi Hidayatil-Hikmat, Sayyid Muhammad b. Husayn commonly called Fakhrud-Din Husayn as ? Sammaki, d. 1040A.H.(ArhII/10/2962)

  5. Al-Hashiyah alash-Shamsil-Bazighah, Mulla Hasan b. Qadi Ghulam Mustafa al.Lakhnawi, d. 1198 A.H. (Arh II88/1030)

  • Logic

  1. Iqdud-Durar, Ismail Shikarpuri (Arh II4/5352)

  2. Al-Hashiyatul-Minhiyah ala Badiil-Mizan, Abdullah b. IIIhad al-Uthmani at-Tulanbi al-Multani, d.920 a.H. (or 922 A.H.). (A-102/8682)

  3. Al-Hashiyah ala Hashiyab Mir Zahid, Mawlawi Haydar Ali b. Mawlawi Hamdillah Sandhilawi, d. 1225 A.H. (5611)

  4. Tadhhibut-Tahdhib, Abdul Basit b. Mawlawi Rustam Ali b. Ali Asghar Qanuji, d. 1223 A.H. (Arh II/24B)

  • Medicine

  1. Al-Ghina wal Muna, Abul-Mansur Husayn(or Hasan) b. Nuh al-Qumri, died shortly after 380A.H. (A-16/8593)

  2. At-Tibbul-Kulli, Abu Sahi Isa b. Yahya al-Masihi a-Jurjani, d. 401 A.H. (S.1904/4916)

  3. Sharhu Masaili Hunayn, Abul-Qasim Abd ur-Rehman b. Ali b. Ahmad b. Abi Sadiq an-Naysaburi, d. about 470A.H. (Arh III193/2400)

  4. Haqaiqu Asrarit-Tibb, Masud b. Muhammad as-Sajazi. (9023)

  5. Majmauil-Manafiil-Badniya, Daud b. Umar b. Antaki ad-Darir, d.1008 A.H.(Arh III177/1753)

  6. Kitab ul-Iksir, Hakim Mawlana Abdul-Aziz b. Ahmad al-Bariharwi al-Multani. (9023)

  • Important Persian Manuscripts

There are more than 7,000 Persian manuscripts in the library Dr. Mawlawi Muhammad Shafi (183-1963 A.D.) identified important manuscripts of history in the catalogue prepared by Dr. Syed Muhammad Abdullah (1906-1986 A.D.).

  • History

  1. Nasabnamahi Ala Hadrati Shahi (KpeIII2/2184)

  2. Waqiati Baburi, Translated into Persian by Abdu ur-Rehman Khan-I-Khanan (998 A.H.).  (PfIV 3c/847) contemporary copy.

  3. Jahangir Namah, Jahangir (PfIV4C) contemporary copy.

  4. Jahangushai Nadiri, Muhammad Mahdi Munshi. (Pell71C/2210)

  5. Tirazul-Akhbar, Najmud-Din Ahmad b. Fadlullah entitled Ahmad Beg Khan Isfahani.(pel15/452)

  6. Waqai Jang-Sikhan, Diwan Ajudhiya Parshad Mumtazud-Dawlah. (PeIII78)

  7. Chahar Gulzar-I-Shujai, Harcharn Das. (Pel18/453)

  8. Khalisah Namah, Ratan Chand. (PeIII73/2143)

  9. Wakai-I-Bharatpur, Pandit Shankar Nath Nadir. (PpeIII4/1557) the last five manuscripts (5-9) are autograph copies.

  • Biographies of Saints

Late Hafiz Mahmud Shairani stated in his note that there were about fifty works on biographies of saints, 12 etc. Four of them are:

  1. Chishtiya Bahishtiya, Shaykh Ala ud-Din Thani Barnawi (S-1670)

  2. Tuhfatut-Tahirin, Muhammad Azam b. Shykh Muhammad Shafi. (S.1160)

  3. Tarikh-I-Ahmadi. (S.1307)

  4. Tazkirah Miftahul-Arifin, abdul Fattah b. uhammad Numan. (S.1934)

  • Mysticism

  1. Hidayat-ut-Talibin, Syed Shah Abu Said of Kalpi. (S.155)

  2. Burhan-ul-Arifin, Abul-Hasan of Khaqani. (S.222)

  3. Gulshan-I-Ishq, Shah Muhatram-ullah (S281)

  4. Miftahut-Tasawwauf, Shir Ali b. Muhammad Qasim. (S.669)

  5. Risalak-I-Jawahir, Fadlullah b. Diya al-Abbasi. (T-17/8187)

  6. Shami Irfan, Kiwal Ram Hushyar. (Dawn-14/8494)

  7. Lamaat-ul-Qadiriyah, Muhammad Fadil Inayatullah, d. 1538 A.D. (T-23/8193). Autograph copy.

  8. Makhzan-I-Hidayat wa Mirat-ul-Marifat, Shah Muhammad Qurayshi. (T-62/8231).  Autograph copy.

  • Poetry

  1. Diwan, Hasan sijzi. (S.2004)

  2. Diwan, Salik Qazwini. (S82). Contemporary copy.

  3. Mathnawi Miratul-Maani, Jamali. (S.515)

  4. Mathnawi-I-Ishq-I-Jahangir wa Nur Jahan. (S1606).  Contemporary copy.

  5. Diwan Murshid. (S1630).  Contemporary copy

  6. Diwan,, Mirza Abdul Qadir Bidil. (S.1659)

  7. Tuhfat ul Ahrar, Abdur-Rahman Jami (O-139/7351) contemporary copy.

  8. Futuch-ul-Arabi wal Ajam, Muhammad diyai (O-194/7471)

  9. Subh-I-Bakar, Qatil (O-456/7682)

  10. Futuh-I-Umar, Asif (O403/7618)

  11. Makhzan-ush-Shawq, Anjab (O-258/7479)

  12. Muntakhab-I-Ajib, faqir Dihlawi. (O-41/7268)

  • Prosody and Rhyme

  1. Isalah-I-Arud wa Qawafi, Ruhul Amin, (S-2013).

  2. Miftah-ul-Arud, Muhammad Amin Amini of Bhakkar, d. 1075 A.H. (S.2030).

  3. Miftah-ul-Fuyud fi limil-Qafiyah wal Arud, Abul Abbas Husayn b. Ali Jafari. (S.2035), Written for Wajid Ali Shah.

  4. Miqyasul-Ashar, Mirza Muhammad Jafar Auj. (S.1638).

  5. Muayyidush-Shuara, Kiwal Ram Hushyar. (S.12/4836).

Serials Collection:

There are 65200 bound volumes of journals on various disciplines both in foreign and local languages. Research oriented journals both local and foreign are subscribed with the approval of the Heads of University Teaching Departments. The annual budget for subscription of journals is Rs. 15,9000/-

Detail of Journals

Subscribed Journals

                  Foreign Research Journals      103

                  Local                        (English)   13

                                                   (Urdu)      14

                  Total                                         120


Donated Journals

                  English                                     200

                  Urdu                                         160

                  Total                                         360


         The Journals cover different academic aspects of science technology social sciences and humanities. Table of contents (TOC) service is provided to all departments, when a new foreign research journal is received in the library the photocopy of its TOC is sent to relevant departments. If the teachers are interested in any article the free photocopy is provided to them. It is very regular Selective dissemination of information (SDI) service.

Newspapers Collection:

Punjab University Library has a huge archive of local newspapers. Local newspapers in Urdu, Punjabi and English are subscribed. Khaleej Times, an international newspaper is also acquired. When a volume of a journal or file of a newspaper is completed, it is got bound. The Library has maintained files from 1954 onward of Nawa-I-Waqt and Pakistan Times. Bound volumes of the journals are arranged on racks in classified order and fresh issues are displayed alphabetically by title. Journals and newspapers are not issued, but photocopy of the required articles is allowed under the rules.

Detail of Newspapers

Subscribed Newspapers

English                                               9 (Including one Foreign Newspaper)

Punjabi                                 1

                        Urdu                                                   7         

                      Total                                                     17

          This section publishes a monthly newspaper, article index under the title "Update: newspaper index". This newspaper clippings index includes important national, international, religious and scientific topics.

Reports Collection:

Punjab University Library is a depositary Library of U.N. Publications. Under an agreement a nominal annual subscription is paid by the library and in response we receive the publications of U.N.O and its subordinate departments.

There are about 15,000 United Nations publications and nearly 10,000 Indian and Pakistan government reports.


Punjab University Library is a depositary library of Theses approved by University of the Punjab. The lists of theses submitted in the library for PhD degrees are listed here online. click the link to access the lists.

Microfilms Collection:

Punjab University Library has a rich collection Microfilms at Multimedia and Microfilming Section of the Library. It holds 1273 microfilm roles of differenet historic documents and manuscripts including a rich collection of Daily DAWN during 1941-1947. It also has collections on , Statesman, New Delhi, Hindustan Times, New Delhi. Moreover it has a historic collection of Pioneer, Allahabad 1870-1888 and Comrade, Delhi, 1913-1914.

Digitized Collection:

Using modern scanning technology, Punjab University Library is digitizing its manuscripts and rare collection for preservation and distribution on request to the researchers from all over the world. The collection holds Punjabi, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Sanskrit and English material. Click the link provided here to purchase a digitized manuscript. Digitized Collection

CDs Collection:

Multimedia and Microfilming Section of the Library holds almost 400 CDs on various subjects. The CDs may be accessed at the Section for study purposes.












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