Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Mujaddidi Collection:

Leading tradition of Punjab University Library is

a) Acquisition of unique personal collections from reputed and well-known research scholars for this cultural heritage,
b) to develop a great literary treasury for the coming generations,

This consecution and pedigree remain consistent and a matchless personal collection of prof. Muhammad Iqbal Mujaddidi (known scholar of history, Sufism and especially Naqshbandi lineage), has become a part of this library collection. (Donated on 13.01.2014)

The collection comprises on 206 Rare, contemporary, and unique manuscripts, more than 1000 important Microfilms, Rot- graphs, and Xeroxes of manuscript, more over it possesses 10529 titles of books and 268 titles of research journals/serials. The collection covers various disciplines i.e. Islamic literature, history, archaeology, art, languages, literature, architecture, and comparatively supportive for research in history and Naqshbandi lineage. Moreover it possesses more than 6000 rare books of this field and alternate primary sources in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Punjabi and Turkey languages. A good number of important manuscript catalogues, dictionaries, and biographies of saints, Sufis and posts are also part of this collection.

Catalogue of M. Iqbal Mujaddidi Collection

1) Catalogue of Book

2) Catalogue of Journals

3) Catalogue of Manuscripts, Microfilms, Rot-Graph, etc

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