The Woolner Collection of Sanskrit manuscripts

Dr.A.C.Woolner was professor of Sanskrit. He collected hugely significant Sanskrit manuscript collection in the Punjab University Oriental College. In 1913 the Oriental College Library was merged with the Punjab University Library at the suggestion of Dr. A.C. Woolner and the Sanskrit manuscript collection also became a part of Punjab University Library. This collection has 9075 manuscripts in Sanskrit, Hindi, Prakrit, Sharada, Andhra, Tamil, and Nandinagari languages and scripts. This collection also has more than 2000 palm leaf manuscripts.

In 1936, this valuable collection was given the name of Woolner Collection in recognition of Dr. Woolners remarkable services for the enhancement and up gradating of the Punjab University Library, Subjects included in this collection are religion, Indian philosophy, justice, yoga and meditation, Buddhist philosophy, history and archaeology, Mahabharata (religious commentaries), Sanskrit grammar and composition, Vedic literature and medicine, decorative art, sculpture and statuary, music, kamashastra, ethics, literature, and a rich collection on astronomy, as well as some manuscripts in the Gurumukhi script, dealing mainly with Sikhism. Two volumes hand list of this valuable manuscript collection has been published as under:

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